Seemingly Fun Day At the Pool Takes Frightening Turn
In a cautionary Facebook post about the situation, Elianna's mom said that she had remembered a post from a parent on the dangers of "dry drowning" -- when water gets inhaled into the lungs causing a child to asphyxiate.
Learn how to identify, diagnose and get help quickly!
Hashtages To Avoid
Whenever our children do something cute, funny, crazy or reach a milestone, we want to share it, memorialize it.  However, sharing or oversharing could put our children in danger.
Final Text Messages
Everyone should see this video.  Share it with the ones you love.  Remind them not to text and drive.
Flight Attendant Finds Chilling Note, Saves Passenger's Life
Flight attendants see passengers from many walks of life -- it takes a lot to surprise an attendant; however, an oddly-matched pair caught the attention of Alaska Airlines flight attendant Sheila Fredrick.
"Today I went to Lane's Ferry Grill to eat lunch. Great staff and food. I needed a real bacon cheeseburger. The place was packed. As I sat alone with one seat open, an elderly gentleman caught my attention and...
A little girl battling cerebral palsy inspired a group of fire fighters to show off their best dance moves in a Youtube video aimed at spreading awareness and raising money for her life changing surgery.
She stopped what she was doing and ran towards the officer.