Warning: Posting These Things On Social Media Could Put Your Kids In Danger

Hashtages To Avoid

It’s only natural to want to share the sweet, tender moments with your children with your friends and loved ones.  Whenever our children do something cute, funny, crazy or reach a milestone, we want to share it, memorialize it.  However, sharing or oversharing could put our children in danger.

A nonprofit called David&Goliath recently launched a @KidsForPrivacy campaign to help protect children on social media.

David&Goliath identified 100 hashtags on Instagram (including #PottyTraining and #BathTime) that they say could potentially put our children in danger.

“What seems like innocent moments that parents are sharing, can fall into the hands of pedophiles on the dark web,” says David&Goliath founder and chairman David Angelo.

Watch this video to find out the hashtags that put our children in danger and help spread the word!