There’s A New Warning Sign For Strokes

A stroke can happen in an instant.  Quick intervention can mean the difference of life and death.  Learn the symptoms of a stoke.  It could save a life.

According to neurologists, if a stroke victim can be treated within 3 hours of a stroke, the patient can be, not only saved, but completely rehabilitated.

Knowing the symptoms of a stoke can help a victim receive treatment more quickly.

Most of us know the symptoms of a stoke: slurred speech, incoherence, asymmetrical facial structur, but now there’s a new indictor to a stroke — the tongue.

Learn how to identify, diagnose and get help quickly!

A quick reaction that the National Stroke Organization refers to as, “F.A.S.T.” is vitally important to the well being of a stroke victim. There are effective treatments called “clot-busters” available to those that have had a stroke, but these medications are only available if the stroke has been diagnosed by a medial physician with in three-hours of its occurrence.

Thirdly, ask the person to Raise both arms
And the new one, T — the tongue.
Ask the victim to stick out his or her tongue.  If the person’s tongue is crooked or jaunts to the left, call for help!

Time is of the essence.  Learn the symptoms of a stroke.  Share them with others.  It could save a life.