Justin Farris is a positive man with a love for Chick-fil-A. On this particular day, however, he left the famously friendly fast food chain disappointed. He wasn't upset with the food or the employees. Justin was hilariously frazzled at the behavior of a customer. Watch Justin's video below: If you, too,...
The most pretentious cat on earth has met his perfect match - and she's adopting him.
A Florida Sheriff's Deputy gained social media popularity after his hilarious encounter with an elderly pedestrian. Check out this video posted by the Marion County Sheriff's Office. The end will get you! If this video brought a smile to your face, don't forget to share it on Facebook so everyone...
Graduation ceremonies tend to be the same year after year. However, this year's Pepperdine University ceremony was livened up a bit, thanks to two pelicans.
Observations on Aging
Say what you want about getting old, we're all in this together. You may as well enjoy the journey! Here are seven observations on aging that are all too relatable. It's been a bumpy road, but all the wrinkles and pounds gained are signs of a life well lived. via...
David Thorne received a permission slip from his child's school for his child to participate in an Easter performance.
Mom Has Message For Strangers Who Worry About Her Baby's 'Cold Feet'
We've all seen it.  That baby or toddler who isn't quite dressed "properly" for the weather.  Maybe that baby or toddler is our own and maybe we're the ones who've seen that judgmental stare or have heard those snarky comments, "Well, aren't your feet cold, sweetie?"