Police officer shot and left for dead. Pregnant woman notices and immediately runs toward him.

A pregnant woman sprang into action after a U.S. Border and Customs Patrol Officer was gunned down and left bleeding in a parking lot.

It happened on September 26th in at the Oakleaf Publix in Orange Park, Florida.

According to First Coast News, a U.S. Border and Customs Patrol Officer was exiting a Publix grocery store when he was shot from behind by 18-year-old Thomas Jacob Lewis in a car. Lewis then drove a short distance away and shot himself, causing the vehicle to crash into several cars parked in the parking lot.

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Lewis died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound, but the officer was left lying in the parking lot, bleeding profusely.

That’s when Shelby Floyd-Berrios, a 5 months pregnant hairdresser working nearby, jumped into action.

“[Shelby] just said, I’ve been to nursing school and bolted,” said Charlene Mann, manager of the Great Clips where Shelby was working.

“I had no other option, I saw him go down, and there was no choice in my mind,” Shelby explained.

“I wasn’t going to let someone lay there and die.”

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Shelby, who spent some time studying as a nurse, rushed out to aid the wounded man and began applying pressure to his major wounds to slow the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

“I was thinking about the shooter, and I know that she’s pregnant, so I didn’t want her to be the next person shot,” continued Mann.

“I think if you ask anybody what they were thinking about [we] just wanted to make sure this person is safe,” Mann said.

Staff from a nearby doctor’s office, as well as Publix employees and a few other bystanders, raced to bring paper towels, gloves, and clotting agents to help save the bleeding officer.

“I didn’t even know that he was law enforcement until I got over there and saw his holster and his uniform,” Shelby said.

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Paramedics soon arrived and transported the officer to a nearby hospital. The officer has required several blood transfusions since arriving at the hospital, reported ActionNewsJax.

The current health status of the officer, as well as his identity, has not been released.

“As the mother of Jake Lewis, I can only express my horror and grief at yesterday’s events,” said Lewis’ mother, whose name has not been released.

“Although Jake no longer lived with me as a result of the structure and discipline that I attempted to place on him, I loved him dearly and he would still text me,” she continued.

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“I would ask first for your prayers on behalf of the wounded officer and our law-enforcement community as they face danger every day. Second, I ask for your prayers for a grieving family that will try to remember Jake from better times. Finally, if it is in your heart I ask for your prayers for the soul of my deceased son,” Lewis’ mother added.

“He’s a really sweet and noble gentleman and he deserves our respect, he serves our community,” said Shelby, who has seen the officer come into her store for a haircut in the past.

“I hope [he’s] doing ok and comes back into the salon because [he has] a big hug waiting on him.”