A note-belting baby proves itself the star of the show when it joins its father in performing a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a precious home video. The father begins singing the more than 200-year-old song while the baby is mid meal, taking its attention away from the...
A child scared of jumping off the diving board was taught a little lesson in bravery after a 95-year-old veteran shows him there is nothing to be afraid of by taking the plunge himself. The Air Force veteran, called Mr. Biss, has served in both World War II and the...
The most pretentious cat on earth has met his perfect match - and she's adopting him.
Tennessee trooper rescues American flag from the side of the road
A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer was caught on camera picking up an American flag that was discarded on the side of the road.
Little girl battling leukemia shares tender daddy-daughter dance in hospital
A two year old girl fighting for her life with leukemia gets a special moment with her dad in this sweet video.
Dream Wedding
Marine Corporal Juan Dominguez became a triple amputee after stepping on a IED while deployed in Afghanistan. He endured the loss of both legs and one of his arms, and dozens of surgeries. However, the determined veteran wasn't about to let that stop him from marrying the woman of...
He walked into a Denny's and made an odd request. What happened next was a "miracle."
The selflessness and generosity of a Denny's customer transformed lives -- and brought tears to our eyes.