High maintenance “fat cat” gets adopted – and everyone’s jealous of his new mom


The most pretentious cat on earth has met his perfect match – and she’s adopting him.

Bruno, a 25 pound feline, came to Wright-Way Rescue looking for a home… but not just any home. This cat came with conditions. Whoever adopted him would have to pet him during meals while keeping his water bowl at a distance, allow him to sleep at the foot of their bed, and play with him with no other toy than… wait for it… a feather wand.

To top it off, they would have to adore his quirky perch habits, as seen below. Bruno stands on his hind legs when he is hungry.

As needy as this cat is, his biggest need was a loving home. That’s where the competition got fierce. As soon as Wright-Way Rescue posted on social media that Bruno needed a home, the applications started flooding in.

Although many applicants attempted to impress the judges… er… shelter staff, none of them really had a chance after young actress Lauren Paris sent in her bid. Paris’s entry included letters of recommendation, a letter of intent, a virtual tour of where Bruno would live, and the cherry on top of the catnip cake: an original song, dedicated to the high-maintenance fur ball. She even promised not to rub his tummy, as he “doesn’t like that.”

Check out this video posted by the shelter!

Paris later told Buzzfeed, “When I saw a photo of Bruno that had been shared on Facebook I just… freaked. It was this wild combination of an excited laugh/cry. And I felt this insane drive — I knew I would do whatever it took to be his forever home.”

Much to the enthusiasm of Lauren, the Wright-Way Rescue selected her to be the purr-fect mom for Bruno.

The shelter told Buzzfeed, “She is adored by all of us at Wright-Way Rescue, and ultimately it was her thoughtful and genuine nature that made her a clear choice.”

Be sure to follow the family’s adventures on Instagram @theebrunobartlett

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