Audience moved to tears after Andrea Bocelli brings wife to stage for beautiful duet

Singer Andrea Bocelli and his equally talented wife brought their audience to tears when they joined forces on stage for a ridiculously romantic duet.

Andrea Bocelli is known for his wonderful voice and romantic ballads but throughout his years of touring something has always seemed to be missing, the voice that could turn his romantic ballads into a sickly-sweet duet. Now, someone has finally stepped up to fill the spot- Bocelli’s wife, Veronica Berti.

Veronica was originally Andrea’s manager, but the two knew that they had an even deeper connection, and they dated for 10 years before ever tying the knot.

“When we wrote this song we wanted someone to demo it,” explained the host on stage.

“So, Andrea said ‘well my beautiful love, Veronica, she sings,’ so she came and she sang the demo and we loved it so much that we begged her to do it with Andrea tonight,” he continued.

“Does it get any more romantic than two people in love singing to each other?”

The two then start singing the song “Qualche Stupido”and can be seen sitting at a romantically set dinner table for two, crooning lovingly to each before eventually standing and making their way onstage for the final half of the song.

The audience, clearly wowed by the performance, claps in awe as the happy couple then retreats out of the limelight.