Baby’s high-chair performance of “Star-Spangled Banner” steals the show

A note-belting baby proves itself the star of the show when it joins its father in performing a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a precious home video.

The father begins singing the more than 200-year-old song while the baby is mid meal, taking its attention away from the food and bringing an enormous smile to the child’s face.

The baby then begins tapping on its tray, impressively on beat with the music, and even appears to be mouthing its own lyrics to the song.

As the father draws closer to the crescendo of the song, the baby grows noticeably more excited, lifting its hands cheerfully into the air until it finally throws its head back against the high chair, seeming to belt out its own version of the lyrics right along with its father.

The baby then claps along to the remainder of the song, and once it is finished, even seems to request an encore!