The internet went wild over soldiers’ moves to hit song

Being an American soldier in Afghanistan is hard work.

It’s hot, the nights are long, and the days are even longer. The eminent fear of death is creeping behind your every move. All the stress and violence can be so much to handle for any man or woman. So when it’s time to finally kick back and relax a little, these soldiers decided to do it with style.

These guys got to work one afternoon after being inspired (and challenged) by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders’ version of this song. The soldiers put their heads together to come up with an even bigger, better version of the cover. And if there is anything an American soldier knows how to do – it’s never to back down from a ‘cover war’.

This cover song is guaranteed to be the funniest thing you see all day. These men created a full blown music video out in the middle of the desert of Afghanistan. Armed with tanker trucks, guns and smoke bombs the soldiers parade about the base without a blink of insecurity.

It makes for a fantastic parody of Carly Rae Jepsons’ hit song, “Call Me Maybe”. Apparently, their original intent was to send the video home to their friends and family – hoping their loved ones would get a good laugh out of it.

They had no idea the video would earn the love and attention of millions.

Watch the video for yourself below. These brave men have definitely earned the chance to cut loose and have some fun, and they will have you singing and dancing along by the end of it.