Woman Posts This Online After Witnessing A Rude Fan Disrespect An Usher

A woman in Arlington, Texas, witnessed a rude fan disrespecting an usher at a baseball game. After a conversation with the usher, she posted this message online. Read it below.

Erin Smith

This is Bill. Tonight I watched Bill ask a grown man to move inside the smoking red line. I then watched this grown man pour the rest of his beer on Bill’s shoes. This makes me so sad, I talked with Bill, he told me he used to run a big company and have season tickets to the rangers games.

He loved it so much he decided when he retired to start working there for 8.00$ an hour. Tonight he was so disrespected while doing his job that it made my heart hurt! Share Bill and let’s make him famous for a job well done. After I took this picture he said what an honor an 82 year old man with a beautiful girl, no Bill the HONOR is all mine.#gorangers #baseballtown #gobill!


The post was shared over 42,000 times from people who were touched by Erin’s response.

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