Notice Anything Missing From These Signs? The Reason Might Surprise You.

People have been reporting strange sightings of their favorite brands, but with one obvious difference. But they’re not seeing things—and it’s not a coincidence.

One by one, major brands have begun to remove letters from their names displayed on signs, billboards, and even merchandise.

These brand names are so big that they hardly need all the letters to be recognized. But why the sudden change?

It’s all due to an effort to spread awareness about the importance of blood donation led by the NHS Blood and Transplant and PR agency Engine Group’s “Missing Type” campaign.

This missing “A”, “O” and “B” represent blood types—and symbolize the dramatic decrease in blood donors. Over the past ten years, blood donation has dropped by a staggering 30%.

Some of the top leading brands have participated in the campaign.

McDonald’s became “McDnld’s”


Hard Rock Cafe now has signs that read “Hrd Rck.”


Even Microsoft went along with the nickname “Micrsft.”


Looks like this person picked up a “Strucks” treat rather than a Starbucks.


Due to the combined efforts of the campaign and these companies, tens of thousands of new donors have agreed to help.

You can help too! Spread the word and share this important message with family and friends.