He Lost Everything In A House Fire, But Did This Years Later

Reddit users were recently asked “What is the BEST display of wealth you’ve ever seen?” User ‘trevwilliams’ responded with a remarkable true story that his since gone viral. In it, he describes a tragic house fire that nearly ruined his families life, and a remarkable response years later.


When I was one year old our house burned to the ground. I was the youngest of four children at the time (I have a little brother now). We lost everything, including the car. My father spent months in the burn unit with less than a 33% chance of survival. Miraculously, he recovered.

A fellow church member/friend bought us a brand new car and left a stack of cash in the glove box to help us get back on our feet.

My father promised to repay him after he got a job (at the time of the fire he was in a PhD program, which he subsequently dropped out of). The man refused to let my father pay him back and simply said, “Someday, you will have the chance to do this for someone else.”

Fast forward a decade and my father had a great job. We lived in a nice home, had multiple cars and everything else we needed. At our church meeting, it was announced that money was being raised to purchase a specialized van for a paralyzed man.

After the meeting and in private, my father asked how much was needed to buy the van. He proceeded to write a check to cover the remaining cost. Sadly, our fellow church member who had done such a wonderful deed to us had passed away and was not around to hear that his words to my father had come true.

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