Boy Refused To Take A Photo With Santa. Here’s How He Responded.

A woman with a six-year-old son with special needs posted a Facebook post that has gone viral. Over 20,000 people liked the post about her explaining the run up to her son’s photo-op meeting with Santa Claus at a church.

Highly expectant it would go well and that he would sit on Santa’s lap, she said the event played out differently than she had imagined. Read on to find out the humorous bend the story took.

Love What Matters

I have a six year old son who is joyful and sweet and so loving. He has some challenges left over from a very early delivery. Something simple like a photo with Santa has been anything but simple. I thought it might be different this year. He has seen enough photos and videos of Santa to know who we’re talking about when we mention Santa Claus. When we asked if he wanted to meet Santa he said yes. We talked about it for several days leading up to the ‘big day’. He even surprised us with an answer when we asked him what he wanted to ask Santa for – a Pete the Cat Super Cool Collection he had seen at the bookstore. A church in our town hosts an evening each year for children with special needs to meet Santa. They put a great amount of time and effort into this event to make it the best possible experience for all of these children.

We were super hopeful…we had a child who wanted to meet Santa and almost perfect circumstances for that to happen, but we still didn’t get that sweet, sitting in Santa’s lap photo. What we got was pretty perfect though. So thankful to Santa for meeting James exactly where he was comfortable…on the floor. Santa didn’t hesitate for a second. He joined him right there and did everything he could to make it a magical moment for my sweet boy. I love the magic this time of year brings, and I especially love experiencing it through the eyes of my child.


When things don’t go according to plan, you can always count on Santa to make the right move.