A father’s memory is almost totally gone — until his son plays this song

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease. It steals away a person’s memories. They forget friends, family and significant others.

When Simon McDermott realized his father’s memory was slipping, he got worried. His father, Ted, deteriorated quickly. Simon was desperate to try anything that would bring back his father’s memory.

When Simon was young, his father was a well-known singer.

One day, Simon loaded his father into the car and turned on the music. The two drove around listening to the oldies.

While Ted couldn’t even remember his own name, who his son is, or many other significant details, he could remember the lyrics to the songs. In fact, Ted not only remembered the lyrics, he remember the beats, pitch and lyrics perfectly.

After a few car trips, Simon mounted a camera to capture his father sining along with some of his favorites.

Simon uploaded the video and shared a link to the Alzheimer’s Society. Since then, millions have viewed the video.

Watch the sweet video of Ted and Simon and share it someone who’s been touched by Alzheimers.