Cops Called To Restaurant To Get Rid Of Homeless Man, They Do This Instead

Homeless Man

Police were called to a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Hardee’s to get rid of a hungry, homeless man who was asking patrons for their leftovers.

An employee at the restaurant said that the homeless man had been hanging around the restaurant quite frequently. In a Facebook post, the Hardee’s employee said that the man didn’t really bother patrons; he simply asked for their scraps that were to be thrown away.

The employee said that no one from Hardee’s called the police. She believes that one of the patrons phoned police.

When police arrived, they didn’t get rid of the homeless man. They bought him a meal instead.

“Police were called to our restaurant today because a homeless man was asking people for their scraps to eat. This police officer bought the homeless man food and handled the situation amazingly! 💖💖 Horry County Police Department.” Victoria Paige Summer’s Facebook post reads.

Police are called to protect and serve. Instead of arresting the homeless man, they served him by making sure he was fed. Please help us share the good news!

Well done, officers!