A Dozen Police Officers Entered An Elementary School In Amarillo, Texas, In Order To Greet A Fallen Officer’s Son

For the Scherlen family, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. Amarillo Police Officer Justin Scherlen passed away last month due to injuries sustained in a car wreck while on duty, leaving behind his loving wife and four children. His widow, Jessica, was left to pick up the pieces of a broken family.

The school year was just starting, and it was the first time the children’s daddy wouldn’t be there to send them off. For four-year-old Jackson who was starting Pre-K, it was a confusing and painful day.

But fellow police officers weren’t going to let the little boy to feel alone on his first day of school.

Police officers from the Amarillo Police Department lined up in the school hallway to give hugs and high fives to the four-year-old.


It was just the comfort little Jackson needed. His face lit up with each passing hug. And in a way, thanks to these men in blue, his daddy was still there with him that day—cheering him on.

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