A Weatherman Feels Something In His Jacket. When He Pulls This Out, Everyone Loses it

Usually, when you go get your suit dry cleaned, a courtesy hanger is given to you when you pick it up from the dry cleaners. While this was certaintly the case here, Steve Frazier, the weatherman on Fox 9, somehow forgot to take out his coat hanger in the back of his suit.

How someone could not realize that they have a coat hanger still in the back of their suit while wearing it is a bit beyond me, but it certainly makes for some hilarious spectacle as Frazier reaches in the back of his suit to remove the coat hanger.

He pulls it off quite well though, and begins to explain exactly why there was still a coat hanger remaining in the back of his suit as the clip cuts out. Still, it’s always funny to watch mishaps happen on live news programs, and this is no exception.