After Seeing This Simple Method, You’ll Never Cut Peppers The Old Way Again

Historically, bell peppers have been notoriously difficult to cut properly. It’s not they are difficult to slice, but it’s the fact that removing the white insides and seeds out of the pepper is quite difficult.

But a cooking YouTube channel gave us an alternative method of how to cut a bell pepper, and boy does it make a lot more sense than what we’ve been doing.

What you need to do is start by cutting off these top and bottom of the pepper. Then as the pepper opens, clean out the seeds and white gunk with your knife. Lastly, hold the pepper and squeeze tightly to completely expel the stem instead of digging around for it yourself in there. Simple, yet highly effective, to say the least.

For a full demonstration of how exactly to do this in a safe manner, without cutting or maiming yourself, take a look at the video.