‘The Little Drummer Boy’ like you’ve never heard it before, withGroup spine-tingling performance of the Christmas Classic

This classic Christmas song has easily been a favorite to millions of people across the globe. The Little Drummer Boy is a beautiful hymn in it’s original form. But, this unique performance of the Christmas carol will send chills down your spine.

There have been several versions of this song throughout the years, and it has been remastered by several contemporary artists, but no one has ever done it quite as uniquely as the Christian pop group King & Country.

The Little Drummer Boy is about a poor boy, who was called upon by The Three Kings. They asked for the boy to bring a gift to Jesus. According to the Bible, the boy had no gift to bring. Instead he played his drum as a celebration of Jesus’ birth. So the story goes, that the little drummer boy told Mary, he “played his best for Him”. And clearly, King & Country have also played their best for Jesus.

This beautiful rendition of a song praising the birth of Jesus Christ is just what King & Country have aimed to do.

In the original version of the song, the drums accompany the gentle singing of a soft voice. But, in King & Country’s version, it’s the beating of the drums that pulsate through the live performance that will have you tapping your feet. This is truly a one of a kind performance.

The song was recorded live in Phoenix, Arizona in front of a crowd of excited fans. We can hear the roaring of the crowd in anticipation. Clearly, they are excited for what’s to come. As the camera zooms in, the singer Luke Smallbone begins to tap his drum. He and his brother Joel chime in with voices like angels, and then suddenly, the lights go out.

Still listening to the singing of Luke’s beautiful voice, the electric guitar starts to strum. That’s when the real magic bursts into light. The spot light on Luke and Joel, together they harmonize in beautiful sound, and the drummers go wild!

With instruments flowing across the entire stage, we hear sounds of a cello, an electric guitar, and a super-sized drum. The band crescendos in unison creating a magnificent and beautiful version of The Little Drummer Boy. But, your eyes will go wide with surprise the minute you hear Joel sing, “Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum.”

Brothers Joel and Luke have turned this old fashioned Christmas carol into a beautiful rendition for people of all ages to enjoy.

Watch the video below to see this truly spine-tingling performance by King & Country, and get ready to enjoy the powerfully unique “pa rum pum pum pum.”