A Cop Found A Family Sleeping In Their Car. What He Did Next Left Them Speechless.

When Robert Wood and his family returned to Alaska, they faced a tough predicament. They hadn’t found housing yet, and sleeping in a hotel was too expensive. Sadly, their only option was to stop their car in a nearby park and sleep there. The night was cold, and Robert Wood’s wife was pregnant.

A local police offer, who was doing his rounds of the closed park later on that night, saw their parked car and knocked on the window. When he spotted four figures in the car, he could’ve arrested them all. But upon closer inspection, he saw a pregnant woman with a 4 year old held to her breast.

Officer Eugene David Natt decided to perform a profound act of kindness. He offered the Wood family a hotel stay for two nights, free of charge. After the two nights, the Wood family was able to find temporary housing while they searched for a new forever-home.

Stories like these should be circulated just as much as all of the other stories about police. If you agree that our men and women in blue need a bit more positive publicity, be sure to share the video and this article!