Watch: Pup fails service dog test in hilarious fashion, but wins over the viewers’ hearts

This would-be service dog, Ryker, has recently become an internet sensation. His hilarious attempt at becoming a service dog has won the hearts of millions! His high-energy and unmistakable enthusiasm for the job, has been so encouraging!

Ryker is a Belgian Malinois (pronounced mal-in-wah). These dogs are often confused with the infamous German Shepherd because of their similar appearances. Even so, both are extremely smart and highly active dogs. Not to mention, their intelligence makes them very easy to train. As for this Belgian Malinois puppy, well, he’s quite the exception.

Ryker is a one of a kind trainee at The Double H Canine Training Academy. The internet would have you believe that Ryker is training to become a service dog. Although, according to the Double H Canine Training Academy, he is in fact a highly skilled explosives detection and protection dog. His agility and enthusiasm make him perfect for this job…but not so great as a service dog.

Despite being obedient and agile, this hilarious video demonstrates Ryker’s uncanny unfitness to work as a service dog. And it is the funniest thing you will see all day!

The reason Ryker is so unfit to become a service dog is because what he has in brains and brawn, he lacks in other distinct personality traits. 

Some of those traits include having an even temperament, with the ability to resist aggression…

As well as the ability to walk nicely on a leash…

And also the ability to ignore any distractions…

Clearly, being a service dog was not Ryker’s calling! Regardless of not even coming close to passing his certification as a service dog, Ryker has been inspiring dog lovers and people alike to be encouraged by their purpose. So what if Ryker wasn’t meant to be a service dog! He can think outside the box (and under it, and over it, and all around it) and he is not ashamed to be exactly who he is!

Watch Ryker’s lovable antics as he attempts to take his service dog test in the video below.