These parents who jump into dance class with their kids are going viral

Choreographer Phil Wright had a dream – to create a dance class for parents and kids that could bring families together.

When he finally organized a class to fit his dream, he wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested. After all, dance class is often a break from each other for both the kids and the parents, but sure enough, enough families joined to justify a class and the practicing began!

Wright, who has done choreography for artists like Will Smith and Nicki Minaj, helped each family learn a dance to Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Let’s Groove,” and the families practiced and practiced until they finally had it down, working together to create a flawless dance worthy of being filmed, so that’s what they did!

Since the video was posted, it has gotten nearly 5 million views, and Wright says he hopes to get it on The Ellen Show! Ellen Show or not, these families sure danced their pants off, and built stronger family bonds in the process!