Tom Jones unexpectedly breaks into song after being encouraged by enthusiastic crowd

Tom Jones is a legendary artist with the ability to sing the spectrum from pop, to show tunes, to country, but when the singer took a spot as a judge on The Voice UK, no one expected he would take “the stage” himself.

During the show, fellow judge Olly Murs begins singing Tom’s classic song “It’s Not Unusual.”

Tom quickly recognizes the song and responds happily, but the crowd doesn’t leave it at that and begins cheering for the star, encouraging him to carry on the tune.

At first, he refuses, but when the band begins to play the song and both judges Olly and begin singing a few words, Tom finally jumps in.

When he starts his performance, he is reserved and neat, but he quickly gets into the soul of the song and throws his whole self into it, dancing and snapping his fingers to the delight of the crowd.

Even the other judges are impressed as the fourth judge, Jennifer Hudson, watches in awe and Olly literally bows at his feet.

Most already know and appreciate the talent on Tom Jones, but this video is truly something to see. Check it out below.