This American Sign Language teacher explaining to her deaf students that farts can be heard is the funniest thing on the internet today

First-grade American Sign Language teacher Anna Trupiano spends her days teaching both deaf and hearing students, but she didn’t think she’d be using her eight years of college education to explain the logistics of farting to 7-year-olds.

When one of her deaf students farted in class, they didn’t understand why everyone suddenly started looking at them, so Anna stopped for a 15-minute conversation with her students that she never expected to have – one about the ability to hear farts.

“The following is a snippet of a 15 minute conversations that happened entire in American Sign Language among the group of Deaf students and I,” she explained.

Kid 1: Why are they looking at me?

Me: Because they heard you fart.

Kid 1: Whhhhat do you mean?!?!

Me: Hearing people can hear farts.

Kid 2: *Totally horrified* Wait, they can hear all farts?!”

But the conversation didn’t stop there, the students needed more information about the basic bodily function.

“Me: Well no. Not all farts but some of them yes.

Kid 3: How do you know which farts they can hear and which farts they can’t?

Me: Hmmm … you know how sometimes you can feel your butt move when you fart? A lot of those they can hear. But if your butt doesn’t move it’s more likely they didn’t hear it.


Me: Hearing kids can’t stop hearing farts, it just happens.”

Still not quite fully grasping the concept, the students come up with an idea to avoid further embarrassment.

Kid 2: I just will stop farting then.

Me: Everyone farts, it is healthy. You can’t stop.

Kid 3: Wait, everyone? Even my mom?

Me: Yep.

Kid 2: My Dad?

Me: Yep.

Kid 1: …. You?

Me: Yep.

Kids: *Laugh hysterically*

But the students still weren’t done, making sure they got all the information possible on the giggle-inducing subject.

Kid 1: So you can hear and small all the farts?

Me: Some of the farts, yes. Not all of them.

Kid 2: Can hearing people see farts?”

“Kid 3: Yeah. Green smoke comes out of their butt, I saw it on TV.

Me: That doesn’t happen in real life.

Kid 1: What?! Ugh, I don’t understand farts.

“… I went to college for 8 years to have these conversations,” Anna writes at the end of the post.

Despite the ridiculous conversation, she still says that she’s lucky to be able to work with these special kids every day. She wouldn’t want it any other way, fart explanations and all!