You May Not Be Getting What You Pay For At The Pump

Everyday millions of dollars are spent as gas stations around the country and very few people questions the numbers on the pump. In an industry as regulated as oil and gas, most of us assume that these machines must be tested and regulated, and accurate, but according to one man — this may not always be the case.

YouTuber Kaloyan Pechevski uploaded a video of a scam that was common in some foreign countries, but appears to have made to the states.

Taken at a Citgo gas station in Illinois, he places the gas pump nozzle on the trunk of his car and without pumping any gas, the meter on the pump continues to climb.

“This thing is charging me for what? Maybe Air.” he says as he records the price continually climbing.

While this doesn’t necessarily indicate any malicious intent by the gas station owner, and may just be an unintentional mistake, it certainty is an issue worth watching out for.