This Guy Took Some Books And An Old Clock And Made A Unique Way To Tell The Time

Most DIY projects exist because the creators wanted to either save some money, or do something unique. This project, originally posted on, is definitely of the latter variety, as it definitely made their blank wall into something special.

The idea started when a clock died in the home of two book lovers. They could have just purchased another clock, but they decided to do something a little more fun that would express both of their personalities.

This was the wall were his old clock used to sit.


He took his carefully disassembled the broken clock.


And get a few old books.


And positioned mapped out the positioning of his new project.


This was the first version of his book-clock.


But he decided to take it one step further.


And made this version.


But he wasn’t done yet…


Having the numbers on the clock was unnecessary, so he took them off.


This was his final masterpiece.


When you look at the step-by-step breakdown, the project is actually pretty simple. They got a basic wall clock, painted over the numbers, and mounted it on the wall. The real fun happened when they pasted books that had numbers in their title in place of regular numbers.

It’s quite fun and it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. Things like this are what really give a home that “lived in” feel. Perhaps this will inspire others to do similar DIY projects with their own favorite books? Only time will tell.