A Tiny Puppy Meets A Great Dane For The First Time, But No one Expected This Reaction

If you’re like most people, the idea of letting an eighty plus pound dog roughhouse with a little puppy that could fit in the palm of your hand makes your head spin. However, this video of a great dane playing with a tiny french bulldog puppy might change your mind.

In the video, a sandy brown great Dane named DeNiro meets a french bulldog puppy for the first time. The bulldog puppy is enthusiastic, and even takes several aggressive postures against the great dane that is 20 times his size.

Even though the puppy nips and barks at him, DeNiro appears to recognize the size difference. He doesn’t use his full body weight on the other dog, and he even lowers himself to the ground to equal things out.

If you’re concerned about the spots where it looks like DeNiro is biting the younger dog’s head, don’t worry. It’s a common behavior dogs use with puppies. If you look closely, DeNiro is intentionally covering his teeth with his jowls and lips.

This video shows that a well-socialized dog is perfectly able to be around things like smaller puppies and even babies. Just make sure you supervise the two at first!