A Dog Makes Sure To Get The Last Word In After Being Scolded By His Owner

Dogs, as adorable as they are, can sometimes be sneaky little thieves! Leave anything tasty unattended and all but the most well-trained dogs will help themselves.

The reddit user Knaplace uploaded a funny viral video in which a husky-mix got into his owner’s potato skins. The owner is obviously furious, and screams things like “stay out of my stuff!”

The husky clearly understands that his owner’s anger is directed at him, and also probably knows the reason why. The husky tries to whine and cry, but the owner isn’t having any of that. He even tells the dog “No, I don’t want to hear that. That’s my food.”

When the dog realizes that his pathetic display isn’t doing anything, he decides to get cheeky. He ignores his owner straight out by turning his head away and focusing on something else. The owner gets even more annoyed, and threatens to ground the dog if he does it again.

The dog in the video gets quite a stern talking to for taking things that aren’t his. You can’t help but get the feeling that his rant is lost on the dog though. Maybe next time the owner should cover his food up next time as a precaution.