Crowd surprised when senior couple hit the dance floor, but their moves had everyone on their feet

Puzzled audience watches as Sam and Ellen take the stage

Sam West and Ellen Taylor have been getting ready for the Grand Nationals Champion Swing Dance competition for months! The couple had been practicing night and day to show the judges, and the crowd – everything they’ve got.

The DJ announced the duo and they came out from backstage, their faces beaming with excitement. You could tell they were eager to impress.

The performance that followed was unlike any other in the competition. The couple showed the judges their best Balboa and boogied their way into first place.

That’s right, Sam and Ellen won the Grand National title and went home the first prize winners, proving to their critics that age is just a number.

Puzzled audience watches as Sam and Ellen take the stage

The history of swing dancing dates as far back as the 1920’s. There are so many different forms of swing dancing, there really is a dance for everyone. It’s a great way to keep your skills sharp and your footwork fine-tuned! You can tell that Sam and Ellen’s swing dancing practice has been in the works for some time. Their minds, bodies, and spirits are all as footloose as their dance moves.


As soon as the couple takes the stage, the crowd cheers and hollers. They are ready to see what the twosome can do. The DJ announces their style as “fast blues” and almost instantly they join hands and start gettin’ down! They don’t hesitate a single step. Their skills shown during their routine are done with precision and ease.

Ellen leads Sam in the swing competition

Watch the pair dance their hearts out to “Gonna Move Across the River” by Bill Pinkney and the Drifters in the video below. You will see for yourself that they deserved every bit of their first place victory.