Social media helps ‘Burger King Baby’ find her birth mom

Social media helps 'Burger King Baby' find her birth mom
A young woman known as “the Burger King Baby” has been reunited with her birth mother after decades of separation thanks to the power of social media.
Katheryn Deprill, a newborn at the time, was abandoned in a Burger King restroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania, over 30 years ago.
In an attempt to connect with her biological mother, she took to social media with a simple message.
“I want her to know that I am not mad at her for what she did,” Deprill said. “However I have so many questions to ask her and also to start a relationship with my biological mother.”
Over 33,000 Facebook shares later, Cathy Pochek, Deprill’s biological mother, saw the post. All of her questions could finally be answered.
According to CNN, Pochek became pregnant after being raped in a foreign country. She was 17 years old at the time and did not have the means to care for her child like she desired.
“She left me somewhere she knew I’d be found,” said Deprill. “She did not want to throw me away.”
The reunion was a joyous event and Pochek is now a part of her daughter’s life. She was able to see videos of her daughter growing up and catch up on Christmases and birthdays. Deprill is ecstatic to have more grandparents in her life to love her sons.
The mother and daughter are even finding similarities such as the way they talk and the foods they enjoy.
This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
This story is proof of the power of social media when it is used for good! Let us know your thoughts and pass along a little positivity!