Girl Was Shocked When A Man Said This To Her Mom At Walmart

Facebook user Melissa Lewis recently posted this online, describing her mother’s encounter with a customer in Walmart. Read her post below.

Melissa Lewis

My mom stopped by WalMart on her way home from dinner out with my dad to pick up some things for my classroom, specifically snacks for kids to take home or eat at school. She was talking with the cashier about her purchases and where these items where going when this unidentified man behind her overheard the conversation.

‘You are buying this to give away?’ He asked. My mom then turned and explained to him about how her daughter is a teacher and how I keep things for those less fortunate to take at need. This kindhearted man who does not know my mom, me, or my students, paid for her entire purchase (near $100) with such a simple response. ‘The world needs more people like you,’ he told her.

While I agree wholeheartedly that the world could definitely use more people like my mom, I’d like this man to know that the world could use more people like him as well. Thank you, sir, whoever you are, for showing such a kind gesture to a stranger and showing that this world is still filled with so many incredible people. I can guarantee that this will help my students, but more importantly, it’s made my heart one size bigger by shedding a positive light on humanity in a world filled with darkness and tragedy.

I hope that you get to read this whoever you are, and you realize that your kindness is not overlooked and is appreciated. Generosity and love is contagious after all! 💜 Be a positive influence. Do things for others. Make a difference.


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