They met in preschool. What happened 30 years later shocked everyone.

Preschool sweethearts reunite after 30 years, now married!

Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders met at preschool when they were just three years old. The two were virtually inseparable, chasing each other around the playground, playing Legos, and eating lunch together every day.


According to Good Housekeeping, the two lost touch after attending different grade schools, and went thirty years without any contact. As fate would have it, they reunited via and fell deeply in love. They didn’t even realize their previous connection until about a year into the relationship.

From there, the love only grew. After the Amy and Justin’s love story went viral, he proposed on a live taping of The View. She said yes and the two tied the knot just a year later.

Although the two have experienced much joy together, they have also dealt with some fierce obstacles. Justin went through severe heartbreak before re-meeting Amy. He was previously engaged, but his fiancee Adrianne passed away. Justin thought he had lost his chance at love until Amy returned to his life.

When it was time for he and Amy to build their family, even more obstacles arose.


Amy and Justin suffered through three miscarriages. Although it was difficult, they kept trying and eventually became pregnant with a son. They were finally able to welcome their sweet baby Conrad into the world. Much like his parents’ love story, Conrad’s birth was an unlikely miracle.

“Everything that’s transpired in our lives, us coming back together and making this beautiful little person, it’s all very surreal,” said Amy. “For Conrad Pounders to exist, it’s been a long journey, but it does feel like everything has come full circle.”

…and only a few years until little Conrad is off to preschool himself.

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