Their car died in the middle of nowhere. Then they saw this approach in the distance.

A man thought he was out of luck when his car died in the middle of nowhere. He explained that they were 30-miles away from the nearest shop, and were unable to reach anyone who had the right part for their vehicle.

Then a police officer approached and took a look at their car. What happened next inspired him to write about his experience on social media.

Read his Facebook post below.

Dan Hershberger

George’s vehicle was having problems when we got to Fontana Dam. The nearest Automotive parts store was in Bryson City about 30 miles away. We prayed before we left that we could get back safely and get the part. We got a few miles down the road and it died. We had only been sitting here 15-20 min when NC State Trooper Kosal Thach stopped . He asked if he could look at the problem. We had already called several Automotive parts stores and no one had the part. He was very familiar with this motor because he had a truck with the same engine. Trooper Thach left us, went home, took the part we needed off of his truck and gave it to us so we could get going. We will send him a new part when we get home. Thank the Lord for answered prayer. Thank the Lord for dedicated Police Officers willing to go above and beyond the normal call of duty.

UPDATE: Many have asked what the part was. The part was a plastic “Y” fitting that went between the over flow tank and the Heater hose. The side just blew out of the plastic fitting and all the coolant leaked out. It comes as an assembly with the hoses and the plastic fitting all in one. This is the part the Trooper Thach went home and took off his vehicle and brought to us. Took about 20 min to replace.


Another great example of a dedicated law enforcement officer going above and beyond his call of duty to serve his community! This is the kind of story that you won’t see in the mainstream news, but happen all around the country, every day.

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