Man Sits Down At A Piano At Goodwill Store. What Happens Next Shocks Everyone.

It was an ordinary December day at the Goodwill in Norwalk, Ohio. Shoppers buzzed through the shop, searching for bargains on everything from home decorations to fashion.

One elderly shopper, however, couldn’t help himself. Seeing an old piano for sale, he sat down and decided to treat the shop to some impromptu live music. He played Alley Cat, an instrumental piano piece from 1962. Written by Danish pianist Bent Fabric, otherwise known as Frank Bjorn.

In the 1960’s, the song was a raging success, hitting number 7 on the Billboard Charts, and won the 1962 award for the Best Rock and Rock Recordings. The single sold over one million copies, is frequently used in film and movies, and more popularly known as the ice cream truck song.

The man, a clearly talented pianist, attacked the instrument with virtuouso abandon. He drew a small crowd of hapless, but delighted employees, and even drew another elderly man to take a seat and listen in.

“Wow. That makes me want to cry,” one listener can be heard saying in the background.

Watch the pianist’s fingers dance about the keys, and notice the surprised chatter of the crowd of onlookers. How else can you brighten someone’s workday in holiday retail? By bringing music cheer for all to hear!

The clip was recorded by a store employee cell phone. She uploaded it to the inspirational site, Love What Matters. “This gifted gentleman just walked into my store and moved me to tears,” wrote the employee.

We’ll bet that piano sold!