Man Has A Bad Excuse For Passing A Stop Sign, But This Officer’s Response Was Priceless

Retired police officer Sam W Bruce recently shared this funny, but true, story on our Facebook page. In it, he describes an encounter with an individual that he pulled over for ignoring a stop sign.

Read his post below.

I am a retired law enforcement officer…

One time I stopped a man who failed to stop at a stop sign. After pulling him over, I asked him why he did not stop before making the right turn. His response was, well officer I slowed down.

My response to him was, I have a question Sir. If I start hitting you with my night stick and you told me to STOP…


We both laughed. I did not write him a ticket.

While there’s nothing funny about running a stop sign (or having to use your night stick, for that matter), the way the officer explained this situation was absolutely priceless.

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