HOA Forces Vet To Remove USMC Bumper Sticker; Allows Others To Keep…

When Retired Marine veteran Frank Larison received a letter in the mail from his Home Owners’ Association, he was shocked at what it said.

The letter demanded that he remove his patriotic Marines stickers and decals from his vehicle. And if he failed to comply? He would receive a $50 per day fine or could have his car towed from the complex.

The Home Owners’ Association claims that stickers and decals are against their rules.


But Frank wasn’t the only one with a decorated car. A look around the complex revealed numerous other violations, as other residents’ cars were covered in stickers.

One car even had an old “Obama 08” bumper sticker.


But it turns out that Frank was the only person singled out. No other residents were asked to remove stickers from their vehicles.

CNN reporters spoke with the Marine vet, his lawyer and a member of the Home Owners’ Association to find out more about the situation.

Frank became emotional when he talked about his time served as a Marine.


He explained, “I thought I was doing something good for the country.”

His lawyer emphasized, “I’ve taken a look at the rules and I think that he’s in compliance with them. The only thing that he wants to do as you can tell from those stickers is to express his loyalty and his patriotism to the military and the United States Government.”

Although the Home Owners’ Association leader could not be reached, another member, Art Bradford, weighed in on the incident. He began by explaining that decals and stickers were not permitted on vehicles, and claimed that it wasn’t discriminatory against Marines. But when he was asked why other members weren’t facing fines, he couldn’t give a logical answer.

With the attention gained through sharing his story, hopefully this Marine vet will get to keep his stickers with pride.

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