He Spent Ages Hand-Crafting An American Flag. But Wait Until You Get A Closer Look…

Nothing screams “I love America!” more than the celebration of the United States flag.

The U.S. flag has been a focal point for centuries throughout art history. And thanks to one patriotic teen, that tradition will continue to the next generation. Indiana teen, Jacob Feazel, strives to become the next great artist. After completing a breathtaking work of art for a school project, it is evident that he is well on his way.

It was almost President’s Day when Jacob was assigned the project to create a patriotic piece. He decided to make a work of art that pays tribute to the soldiers who fought for his freedom.

At first glance, his project looks like a regular American flag.

American Legion
American Legion

But on closer inspection, viewers will notice that it is made completely out of strategically placed toy soldiers– painted red, white and blue.

Legion America
American Legion

He told reporters,

“It took me 56 hours just to do this project, but they (soldiers) spend a very large portion of their lives so that I can make this project.”

The 17-year-old spent 11 days to spray paint each piece to a 4 x 6 wooden board. The complete flag is made up of 4,466 toy soldiers.

The boy explained,

“The soldiers are what make the U.S. free, you know? They fight for us so I figured it’s honoring them by putting them in the flag.”

After Jacob’s mother shared photos of his artwork on Facebook, social media blew up and the post went viral.

American Legion
American Legion

Jacob said,

“It fills me with a bunch of patriotism knowing that this made so many people happy that I did this. Awesome is the best word I can give you on how it makes me feel.”

Since creating this piece, Jacob started a Facebook page for his art.

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