A World War 2 Vet Reads A Long Lost Letter And His Reaction Will Leave You In Tears

The world works in mysterious ways, and something that was once lost could turn up in the most unexpected circumstances. In this case, it was a long lost love letter and a simple thrift store.

After buying an old record player at a thrift store in Colorado, a woman was surprised to discover a letter tucked away inside. When she realized that the author of the letter lived nearby, she decided to deliver it to him.

The author was 90-year-old William Moore and he wrote the letter when he was 20-years-old fighting in Europe during World War II.

The letter brings Moore to tears as explains the story behind it. It was a love letter written to the woman he would go on to marry for 62 years, his beloved wife, Bernadine, who passed away just 5 years ago.

Watching his reaction is enough to put a tear in anyone’s eye and shows us what true loves really looks like.