Elderly Man Struggling To Walk To His Car, Then A Stranger Steps In

Man Carriers Elderly Man Across The Parking Lot

A Facebook post has gone viral for all the right reasons.

At a Quick Trip in Haltom City, Texas, customers got to witness a very touching moment.  An elderly man with an injured leg was making a slow, struggled walk back to his car.  A passerby noticed the gentleman struggling to make it to his car, so he picked the elderly man up and carried him across the parking lot to his car.

Clint Groom captured the moment and posted it to Facebook.

Since then, the video of the good samaritan’s act has gone viral. The post has been shared tens of thousands of times.

Well done, good samaritan.  The world needs more people like you

We’d like to see more people doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves! Agree? Let us know and pass it along!