Delight Your Guests With This Amazing Homemade Zebra Cake Recipe

Most cake decorators decorate their cakes by sculpting brightly colored fondant (a creamy sugar mixture) into special shapes and patterns. Cakes decorated this way can be show stoppers.

But a lot of the time, the beauty of these cakes can be only skin deep. The insides of these masterpieces are plain vanilla or chocolate if you’re lucky.

The Cookies Cupcakes And Cardio youtube channel has put their own fun spin on decorative cakes by decorate the inside and outside of their cake in a fun, pink zebra pattern.

The ingredients for the cake are standard. Eggs, baking powder, flour, and milk. To get the zebra pattern on the inside of the cake, the lady in the video uses a surprisingly simple method.

She separates the batter into three different bowls, and adds a different food coloring to each one. Then she mounds them ontop of eachother in the baking dish, making sure to not mix them by accident.

Making cakes that are pretty on the outside as well as the inside doesn’t look hard at all. It makes you want to rush into the kitchen and try it yourself doesn’t it?