A Teacher Made His Student Answer Her Phone In Class And Immediately Regretted It

Things like cell phones, beepers, and bubblegum are the bane of teachers everywhere. These distractions can have an effect on every student in the room. Luckily, pretty much every teacher has their own way of handling class distractions.

This microeconomics professor at Aquinas College handles cell phone distractions by making anyone who receives a phone call answer the call on speakerphone.

In the video, a female student gets a phone call in the middle of class, and the professor makes her answer it. The caller was “Kevin From Pregnancy Resource Center”. He called to tell her that her pregnancy test result was positive.

The class and the teacher are stunned, and the girl apologizes and explains the situation publicly. But when she tells the teacher the future baby’s name, she lets it slip that the first name is “April” and the middle name is “fools”!