Boy Complained About Shoveling Snow. Then He Saw His Neighbor Like This…

A thread asked users for a “nice act” they’ve done that no one knows about. Instead of boasting about a kind deed — one user shared a life-changing realization that he had after performing a kind act. Read his post below.


It was snowing really hard one night, and my mom forced me to shovel the driveway, I was a bit pissed off about it, but went out and did it anyways. While shoveling, I noticed my front neighbor getting out of his apartment to shovel the snow too, the guy was old, maybe 75, had to always take care of his handicapped wife, he was probably shoveling the front pavement so they can go to their doctors appointment as usual. He starts doing it, and was overwhelmed with the amount of snow and the cold, he was maybe 2/10 done and had to to take a break so he went back inside.

I don’t know what came over me, because I wasn’t even done with my 4 times bigger driveway, but I sprinted to the other side, shoveled his driveway like my life depended on it. 5-10mins pass I run back to my driveway exhausted, and the guy comes back fully equipped with more clothes than before and just stared at the shoveled driveway. He was confused, he had a look like if he wasn’t sure if he did it or not, like his mind was playing tricks on him. I pretended like nothing happened, and the guy just smiled and told his wife they wont be late and pushed her out into his car…

I keep complaining like a brat when my mom tells me to do a chore, but when someone doesn’t want to complain, hes willing to do it, but his body cant, it just makes all the worlds perspective fall into place, doesn’t it?

His story applies to all of us. Next time you’re in the mood to complain — remember there is always someone that’d love to be in your shoes.

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