A wedding is nearly ruined until a stranger steps in and saves the day

A wedding is nearly ruined until a stranger steps in and saves the day

Weddings can be very stressful.  Weddings are especially stressful when things go wrong — as they did for one bride who learned the hard way that cakes and heat do not mix.

Bride-to-be Millie Maltby enjoys baking so she decided to tackle the task of baking her own three-tier wedding cake.

The day of the wedding was hot.  Maltby loaded up her car with her wedding gear and the cake. When Maltby arrived at the hotel she was to get married, she found that her cake did not survive the trip. The cake had collapsed.

We were quite cautious to drive carefully,” Maltby wrote on Facebook. “However, when we arrived and opened the cake box, it appeared that the hot weather caused the buttercream to melt and the cake just gave up.

The hotel staff started scrambling to help save Maltby’s big day.  They called Clare Vaz, owner of Pattys Piece of Cake.

Despite the tight deadline, Vaz agreed to help.

“With time against me, I just didn’t have time to bake, cool and decorate a new middle tier, so thankfully I had a dummy cake which I used to create the new middle tier. I managed to near enough color-match the pink to the original cake too which was a bonus,” she explained in a now-viral Facebook post, which was later shared on Love What Matters.

“For the top tier, I removed all the flowers and stripped off the damaged fondant. I then re-crumb-coated the cake, chilled it and recovered it in white fondant,” Vaz told the Huffington Post. “I washed the ribbons, as they had been damaged with the cake and cleaned off the flowers.”

The finished product very closely resembled Maltby’s original cake. The day was saved.

The grateful bride and groom posted a glowing on Facebook.

To take the time to do that for a stranger is just astounding, and something you just don’t see anymore,” the bride wrote. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank Clare enough. I’m just glad that the hotel gave their fee for having it fixed to Clare as she deserved every penny,” Maltby’s review states.

Vaz posted the following response: