Police Officer Posts This Online After A Woman Suddenly Approached His Car

A police officer’s Facebook post has gone viral after a routine stop at a park. The officer stopped his vehicle along the outskirts of a city park and was sitting in his vehicle when suddenly, a woman approached him. What she did next took the cop by surprise.

Read the officer’s post below.

Pancho and Lefty

This lady saw me parked at a City park this morning and decided to stop. She exited her vehicle with her two children and approached me as I was seated in my patrol car. She simply stated that she wanted to pray for me. Specifically for my safety.

I expressed my gratitude the best I could, but she really has no idea how much that meant to me. Her little boy handed me a wilted flower that looked as if it had been in his pocket for a week. At that moment, it was the most beautiful flower I’d ever seen.

My prayer is that sharing this encounter will encourage many to give people a chance, regardless of race or profession. You simply cannot judge an entire group of people because of the actions of some. Don’t hate evil more than you love good.

prayer cop 1

This woman not only made a cop’s day by paying her respects to a uniformed officer, but she also taught her children the value of respect and kindness.

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