This Woman’s Conservative Facebook Post Has Gone Massively Viral — And It Nearly Got Her Banned

A woman’s Facebook post, opposing transgender mens’ use of female bathrooms, has gone massively viral; and nearly got her banned from Facebook.

In the post, Lakewood, Washington-native Kristi Merrit poses in several costumes, asking if it makes her a man simply by dressing as one.

In one photo, she dresses as Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.


In another, she dresses as a Pirate.


Lastly, she argues that if her costumes don’t change who she is…

…then how can a dress turn a man into a woman?


“A man in a woman’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers! #?justWantPrivacy#? BeBold” she wrote on the post, which was shared over 100,000 times.

Despite that large number of like-minded supporters, many have tried to silence Merrit’s voice by abusing Facebook’s “report” function, claiming that the posts contains nudity — a cause for automatic removal.

She shared the following update.

“UPDATE!!!!!! Facebook is trying to make me remove this post, they are saying it has nudity in it. Here’s what’s happening. The people who want to censor me are reporting it as having nudity when clearly it does not. THIS IS HOW THE LEFTIST HATERS function, only they have free speech!!!!”


Despite the attacks on her free speech, the post remains up on her Facebook page.

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