Doctors Told Her Her Baby Wouldn’t Make It And Suggested An Abortion. Here’s What She Did Instead.

A reader recently commented on one of our articles concerning abortion. The article listed hypothetical situations surrounding unplanned pregnancies, and various world-changing outcomes if the parents chose to abort. One reader, Brandy Rushton of Westminster, Colorado, related to the article with unparalleled circumstances.

A woman was faced with a choice so hard, even the bravest would feel weak at the thought. What was that choice? She could either abort her unborn child, or give birth to a baby who was guaranteed to suffer the rest of his life.

Read the gripping re-count of her struggle below:

“I was faced with that decision. My pregnancy was failing and after extreme measures it was still not working. They offered me an out right then and there so the baby and I could both end the suffering. I chose to continue and place it in the hands of God. It meant 6 weeks of hospitalized inverted bed rest on drugs to nearly freeze my uterus and still she was born 15 weeks early. Her medical nightmare was not over there and while still on the delivery table, Flight for Life brought her to me and told me to say goodbye. For 4 months she fought for life in the NICU and I visited her every chance I could. She was blind, both lungs ruptured, 3 confirmed brain bleeds and partial brain death; she had a stroke they first time I touched her. That was horrifying and left her with full-left side paralysis. They guaranteed me she would have cerebral palsy. Today I have a healthy 8 year old beautiful little girl learning at grade level who loves to run and jump and play. Even her eyes were fixes and she has never had a seizure. God Is Good!”

This reader’s story is living proof that the universe works in miraculous ways. Despite all odds, and even defying modern medicine, mother and baby fought the battle to the end. And had she only given up, this mother would not have the joy of watching her precious little girl play, happily and carefree.

As humans, we don’t have all the answers. And that one aborted baby? Well that baby could have become someone great, if he had only been given a chance.

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