This Paralyzed Dog Can’t Walk, What His Owner Does Will Leave You Tears

When Pit Bull Loois’s spinal surgery went awry in 2004, he was left with two paralyzed hind legs. Normally, a half-paralyzed dog would be put down. However, thanks to the love, ingenuity, and persistence of Loois’s owner Craig Mosher, Loois is able “walk” and play fetch like he used to.

Craig’s secret to keeping Loois mobile despite his disability lies in the system of pulleys and straps he’s created. He’s able to support Loois’s hind legs during walks, and give them exercise during tennis ball practice!

Thanks to Craig’s devotion, Loois is able to explore nature and enjoy sunshine just like any other dog. Loois and Craig’s friendship is as strong as ever, which is made obvious when Craig says that he “wouldn’t trade Loois for anything”. Loois clearly can’t talk, but he lets Craig know that the feeling is mutual through dozens of sloppy kisses.