These dogs lining up to take the bus are melting hearts on the internet

Dogs in a town in Canada wait eagerly for the bus each morning, but they aren’t seeing their masters’ children off to school – this bus is for dogs, and it transports the pups to Good Hands Boarding Kennels in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada each morning, making sure the dogs get to daycare no matter the weather.

The Good Hands bus driver drives through town every day, stopping at each of the daycare customers’ houses so that each pup can be picked up and loaded into their kennel, where they will ride the bus until it finishes its rounds and drops them off at the daycare facility. Some of the dogs even wear backpacks full of their daily necessities while getting on the bus, adding to the adorable factor of the entire situation.

When the bus finally pulls up to the daycare, the dogs are let out of the kennels and sprint to the building, playing with the plethora of balls, kiddie pools, stuffed animals and daycare employees scattered around the play-yard.

“If the dogs can’t make it for whatever reason, I hate the thought of them sitting home all day bored or in a crate when they could be here playing,” said the owner of Good Hands Boarding Kennels.

“So, I said we gotta go get them.”

The dogs and their owners are clearly happy with this special type of doggie daycare, we just wish that all kennels were as kind and accommodating to our furry friends as this one is!