40 years later, John Travolta proves that he’s still ‘got it’

John Travolta is still making all the girls squeal all these years later after demonstrating an iconic move from his popular film “Grease” while on The Tonight Show.

Grease the musical has been around since 1978, but it seems that audiences still can’t get enough which is why, when the 40th anniversary of Grease’s New York City premiere rolled around, John Travolta found himself on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon practicing some dance moves used in the film.

In the clip of the TV show, Fallon points out one of the dance moves used in the final performance of “You’re the One That I Want,” and Travolta quickly jumps on board, not only explaining how the dance move came to be in the movie, but even rousing Fallon and himself for an impromptu dance lesson as the band played the song.

Travolta and Fallon giggled as the crowd screamed and the two end the segment with an authentic hug.

We’d say that it appears that John Travolta has still got it!